Idyll Threats






In the summer of 1997, Thomas Lynch arrives as the new chief of police in Idyll, Connecticut—a town where serious crimes can be counted on one hand. So no one is prepared when Cecilia North is found murdered on a golf course. By chance, Chief Lynch met her mere hours before she was killed. With that lead, the case should be a slam dunk. But there’s a problem. If Lynch tells his detectives about meeting the victim, he’ll reveal his greatest secret—he’s gay.

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“A fascinating mystery-and a believable, complicated hero.” – Stephen McCauley, author of Insignificant Others and The Object of My Affection

“Readers will want to see how the next two decades treat this intriguingly complex cop, should this fine crime debut launch a series.” – Booklist (starred)

“Stephanie Gayle delivers a tight story that is part police procedural and part traditional mystery that keeps you guessing to the very end. It is also a fast-paced jaunt that never lags and paints a believable picture behind the charming and sometimes complicated facade of small town life.” – Killer Nashville

“Gayle…brings to life a small town and a flawed but determined protagonist in this deftly crafted story that layers both the professional and personal pursuits of a man haunted by secrets.” – Library Journal

“The balance of identities is well-explored by Gayle, who follows the thread not just through her protagonist, but as an intrinsic part of the plot. Strong enough to kick off a series.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Stephanie Gayle, in her second crime novel, writes like a seasoned pro of the genre, delivering a well-plotted story loaded with surprises and a fabulous finale.” – Toronto Star

“One of the best gay mysteries… I have read in the last couple of years.” –Dear Author

“Stephanie Gayle’s Idyll Threats is a fun, breezy, and believable mystery novel about Thomas Lynch, a closeted gay police chief in a small Connecticut town.” -The 30 Best Books You Missed in 2015, The Advocate

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